]North Georgia Recreation Coaching Philosophy
Players respect their coaches and, as a result, will often imitate their behavior. Coaches, therefore, are expected to maintain complete composure and self-control during all games. Because a player’s performance will suffer when he/she is distracted, coaches are expected to teach and demonstrate to players’ acceptance of all referee/umpire calls regardless of their impact. Players must learn that they control their results, not the referees or other players.
1. Exhibit exemplary conduct at both practices and games. Team discipline reflects the coach’s attitude.
2. Coach clean, skillful, honest, and sportsmanlike behavior.
3. Stress playing hard to win over winning itself.
4. Work at team morale as hard as skills and tactics.
5. Maximize praise and minimize criticism in all dealings with team members.
6. Make corrections slowly and calmly in a manner tailored to the individual.
7. Be a skills teacher, stressing individual skill development.
8. Coach talented and non-talented players with equal vigor.
9. Preplan all practice sessions in detail to be interesting, fast-paced, and involve all team members as much as possible.
10. Minimize coaching from the sidelines during games.
11. Treat all referees and umpires with respect at all times.
12. Help the referee keep order on the sidelines during games.
13. Welcome feedback from players and parents alike concerning potential problems and ways to improve.
14. HAVE FUN!!!

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